How to find out if we’re closed due to snow


Question marks drawn in the snow


Hi Forklift Fans!  The forecasters are predicting that this weekend’s blizzard will be pretty big.  So, we might be closing early on Friday, closing all weekend, and opening late Monday.

We’re just not sure yet!  A lot depends on whether our employees can travel the roads safely, and when the snowplow arrives to clean out our courtyard and parking field.

(Vintage photo from the Library of Congress, taken sometime between 1909 and 1932 - Men digging out a cart stuck in the snow on a DC street)

(Vintage photo from the Library of Congress – Men digging out a cart stuck in the snow on a DC street, taken sometime between 1909 and 1932)

Call before you come over…

To find out if we’re open, your best bet is to call us at 301-985-5180, just before you head over to the warehouse.  We will update our voicemail each day to let you know what’s going on.

And stay safe!

We hope you stay nice and warm over the next few days.  Our friends over at Community Crisis Services have some great advice for you, as well as a handy list of phone numbers.  If you see anyone out in the cold and in need of shelter, please call 311 or one of these hotlines to get them some help. CCS’s network of partnerships is dedicated to keeping everyone as safe and sound and warm as possible this weekend.








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