Lifting up communities: A Playground for Underserved Children

Community Forklift aims to turn the construction waste stream into a resource stream for communities in the DC region.  Throughout December, we’ll be highlighting the work we do to support our neighbors and our staff.  If you like what you see and want to lend a hand, you can make a financial contribution on our website. Your support is crucial to our work.  Every gift, large or small, helps us lift up local communities through reuse.


Did you know we distribute free materials to local nonprofits and community groups?

DC Prep is a public charter school network that provides personalized educational programs tailored to each student. The organization’s mission is to bridge the educational divide in Washington DC, by guiding students from underserved communities with free academic and social preparation for a successful future.

Through Community Forklift’s Community Building Blocks program (CBB), DC Prep was able to borrow items to build a new playground at their Prep Benning Elementary and Middle School in NE DC.

The playground in progress.

A huge group of volunteers was lined up and the building day was fast approaching when some expected tools failed to arrive.  Luckily, Raymond Weeden, Jr. thought to come to Community Forklift. We quickly awarded DC Prep a loan through our CBB program, and Mr. Weeden was able to find a ladder, sledgehammer, hammers, jigsaw, drill, and other necessary items for his volunteers to use.

“Thank you for allowing our community to borrow your tools last week! Your generosity allowed us to bring our community together to create a beautiful new playground and play space for our DC Preppies. All of us at DC Prep are deeply indebted to you. Your leadership is a testament to the Community Forklift Team! Our Preppies are excited, and so are we! Again, thank you for making it possible.”
– Raymond Weeden, Jr. Senior Director of Policy and Community Engagement, DC Prep

According to Mr. Weeden, Community Forklift’s contribution has helped impact an estimated 800 people!

The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation, Bender Foundation, Inc., DC Prep – Benning Campuses, and KaBoom! were all involved in funding and providing volunteers for the playground.


Please give us a lift by making a donation! Each financial gift, large or small, helps us fulfill our mission to lift up communities through reuse.

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