Our Awards

Prince George's Green Gold Certified Business

Prince George’s Green Gold Certified Business

Green America Gold Certified badge

2008-2014 Green America Gold Certified Business

Green America's People & Planet Award

2014 Green America’s People and Planet Award

Gold Certified Green Businesses go above and beyond our standards in every facet of their work. They are leaders in their industries that embed social responsibility into the DNA of their company. — Green America Certification


The People & Planet Award recognizes businesses for their dedication to a green economy: a bottom line that includes protecting workers, communities, and the environment. — Green America



Green Business of the Year 2013

2013 Green Business of the Year by the Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce

2013 Green Business of the Year Photo

2013 Certificate of Congressional Recognition by U.S. Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.)

Community Forklift received the [Green Business of the Year] award because of its rags-to-riches success story and its commitment to “lifting up communities” in the District. — Natural Awakenings, DC 



Alice Ferguson Foundation

2011 Alice Ferguson Foundation Potomac Champion Award

For their leadership, vision, and dedication to develop and implement solutions for a trash free Potomac Watershed… — Alice Ferguson Foundation
National Associated of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) 2011 DC Metro Image Award

2011 DC Metro Image Award by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)

The Image Award is designed to recognize those members who have made significant contributions to the professional public image of NARI and the chapter in the Washington metropolitan marketplace — NARI Metro DC Chapter




“We love the variety of items we can find there, from cheap tile to antiques, from art items to practical vintage pieces. Plus, we have a place to take items we are finished with!!” – 2016 Best of D.C. Readers’ Choice

Readers' Choice Best of D.C. 2015 Best Green Business by Washington City Paper


2014 Best of D.C. Readers' Choice  2013 Best of D.C. Readers' Choice

2012 Best of D.C. Readers' Choice  2011 Best of D.C. Readers' Choice  2010 Reader's Choice Best of D.C.


“WAY more than a hardware store”

“wonderland for old house restorers, newer house remodelers, and vintage object junkies”



Best of 2013 1st Place Best Vintage Store

1st Place Best Vintage Store

Washington Post Express Best of 2012

1st Place Best Home Store 3rd Place Local Hardware Store

Washington Express Best of 2011

2nd Place Best Home Store

1st Place Hardware/DIY

Community Forklift’s raison d’etre is to sell cast-off building materials to bargain-hunting DIYers; the staff added the vintage section to sate their customers’ lust for more-valuable finds. — Holly J.Morris, Oct 2013 Washington Post Express


Resourceful DIY-ers adore this 34,000-square-foot warehouse of donated building materials and housewares. . — Holly J.Morris, Oct. 2012 Washington Post Express


Patrons have discovered everything from brooms from the Capitol to 1960s “Mad Men”-era doors and chandeliers from the Watergate penthouse. — Rebecca Milfeld, Oct. 2010 Washington Post Express