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If you are dropping off a donation or picking up big, bulky items, you must arrive at least 30 minutes before closing.



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Community Forklift accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, debit cards, checks and good old-fashioned cash!

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Did you know that Community Forklift has successfully completed Co-op America's screening process for socially and environmentally responsible green businesses? We are now in their National Green Pages™ directory!

What to Expect When You Visit the Warehouse

Community Forklift is a 34,000 square foot self-serve warehouse with a very small staff. Think of us as a thrift store for building materials—we will more than likely have items in stock in the following basic categories, but you will need to come into the warehouse in-person to see if a specific item is in stock. Our inventory is 100% donated materials, so if you see something you like today, be aware it may not be in stock again tomorrow! We offer an overnight hold-policy, where if you need to double check your measurements or just want to think about an item before making your purchase, you can ask a staff member to put up to 3 items (or one set of items) on hold with your name until an hour before close the following business day.

Once you have purchased your item(s), you have 1 week to pick them up. This will give you time if you need to find friends or hire heavy-lifters, rent a truck, etc. Community Forklift staff are unable to assist in loading except in special circumstances. Please bring an appropriate vehicle and friends to help you transport your purchases safely home.

Other ways to prepare for your visit to Community Forklift:

  • Arrive at least half an hour before we close--we start turning out the lights 15 minutes before closing to allow you time to load your vehicle & exit the parking lot by closing time.
  • Bring your specific measurements and a tape measure.
  • Bring a sample if you a trying to match a specific color/style—remember, no returns!
  • Dress for the weather—our warehouse will be about the same temperature as it is outside! Shirts & shoes required.
  • You will get dusty while hunting our inventory for treasure, so don't dress your best!
  • Make sure children stay with you at all times
  • Keep dogs on a leash at all times
  • Ask staff for help if you need something you will need a ladder to reach--otherwise it is a self-serve warehouse. You are welcome to use the carts!
  • We do not accept American Express. We do accept all other forms of payment (see left)

Keep in mind that all sales are final except for appliances, radiators, and designated machines, which come with a 14-day return policy if they don't work when you install them. You must bring your receipt and the item back to the store to receive your refund. If you're not sure about purchasing an item, just place it on hold!

Now, on to what we sell!


Please remember that you are responsible for loading all appliances into your vehicle – Forklift staff is unable to assist.

We have in stock a wide selection of stoves, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, microwaves, ovens, and more! CF appliances come with a 14-day return policy if you find for some reason that they don’t work once you get them installed. Some of our appliances have been reconditioned by ALCO and are priced a bit higher, and come with a 90-day warranty.

Architectural Salvage

Our Salvage Arts department features restored lighting, a wide selection of unique primitives, iron heating grills, vintage signs & containers, architectural ironwork, and much more!

The Salvage Arts section was created to give Community Forklift's customers the opportunity to gain access to the unique range of more valuable items that don't normally come in as donations. Our antique items are priced at affordable market value. You will find that a restored Salvage Arts piece will be worth more than a modern fixture or unrestored item.


Bricks are a very popular item at Community Forklift! If you’re trying to match an antique brick, find a strange shape, or just need a few pavers or cored bricks, come visit our yard to see our current inventory. To find out when we do get a large brick donation, you can follow us on Twitter (@CommForklift) or join our Facebook page!

Carpet Tiles

We sometimes have carpet tiles in stock at Community Forklift. At 50¢ apiece for 18”x18” tiles (2.25 sq ft each), these are by far the cheapest way to cover a floor! Carpet tiles that are 24"x24" sell for $1 apiece.

Cast Iron Sinks

Prices vary depending on the shape, size, and condition of the sink—please check out our yard for our current inventory.

Cast Iron Tubs

Prices range depending on the shape, size, and condition of the tub—please check out our yard for our current inventory. We also occasionally have fiberglass tubs in stock, and sometimes even jacuzzis!

Ceramic Tile

We often have both salvage and surplus ceramic tiles. The tiles photographed may not necessarily still be available. Please come in to see our exact inventory!

Prices range depending on size, color, finish, and whether the tile has been used before (we also have used tile in stock). Stone tile, high-end tile, antique tile, subway tile, decorative tile, painted tile, unusual colors, finishes or glazes, etc. will cost more.

Unused regular white 4x4" tiles are 8 cents each, the same tiles previously used are 3 cents each.


We often have used laminate countertops in stock for only $2/linear foot. Our inventory sometimes also includes corian, butcher block, and various-sized pieces of granite. Come in to see what we have now!


We almost always have a large selection of doors in stock—exterior, panel, flush, bi-fold, French, screen, storm doors—we usually have a variety in each category. You’ll need to come in with your measurements and look through our selection to see if we have what you’re looking for. We also have lots of hinges, knobs, and other door hardware, although be prepared to spend some time looking for it in our Aisle of Luck! Door pricing spans a large range depending on the type and condition of the door, so ask a staff member for a price if it’s not marked!


From cover plates to conduit, work boxes, lamp holders--we have a large range of surplus and salvaged electrical for really cheap! We sometimes also have spools of wire. You may even find telephone line accessories in the electrical aisle.


From closet & curtain rods to mini-blinds, and sometimes antique furniture, CF can be a place to find some furnishings to compliment your newly renovated house. Please note that the hutch photographed may no longer be available for sale.

Glass & Mirrors

We stock tempered, regular, and sometimes wavy (antique) glass which is sold by the square footage based on thickness. Be aware that you cannot cut tempered glass or it shatters! Bring your exact measurements to be sure.

Granite & Marble

We have a selection of granite & marble scraps in stock now, which sells for as low as $2.50/sq ft depending on the size and type of minerals in the piece. Please note, we DO NOT have the capacity to cut or finish granite here at Community Forklift.


We have a newly reorganized hardware section with new treasures being placed out every day! There are nails, screws, nuts & bolts, mailboxes, doorstops, hooks, cabinet hardware, a lot of door hardware, and much much more! Sometimes our hardware aisles can be a great place to match an antique style of fitting not sold in retail stores anymore.


We usually have a large selection of ductwork in stock. We also often carry new & used vent covers, air filters, air conditioners, base-board heaters, etc. Occasionally we receive AC condensers but they sell fast!

Kitchen Cabinets & Sets

We usually have several full sets in stock, and plenty of partial sets. Cabinets are priced individually, though we try to sell sets together. Generally, a set of cabinets can range from $200-800 depending on how large a set is and what condition it’s in. Individual cabinets can be purchased for as low as $5! We do not necessarily have the cabinets shown in this photo available.

Knotty Pine Paneling

We sometimes have knotty pine paneling available in the warehouse. If you have a table saw, you can cut the tongues & grooves off the sides and end up with perfect 1x material that can be used for shelving!

Landscaping & Fencing

We occasionally have nice sets of fencing in stock, but please come in to check our current selection. The prices will vary according to style, length, and detail of the fencing. Please come prepared to haul your purchase with you.

Light Fixtures

We have a lot of styles of light fixtures in stock--ceiling mount, antique sconces, chandeliers, porch lights, etc. Stop in to see what we have!
Please note: specific item pictured here may no longer be available

Linoleum/Vinyl Flooring

We sometimes have rolls of linoleum flooring in stock. Our prices are $1.75/sq ft for real linoleum or 50¢/sq ft for the thinner vinyl rolls.


We usually have dimensional lumber in stock at Community Forklift. Prices per linear foot for modern dimensional lumber are as follows: 2x4: 15¢ - 2x6: 30¢ - 2x8: 35¢ - 2x10: 40¢ - 2x12: 50¢

We also sell plenty of other types of lumber, paneling, and have scraps (and occasionally full sheets) of plywood. We sometimes also have reclaimed lumber with true dimensions. Please visit the store to check out our current inventory.


We receive donations of paint that may have been mixed to the wrong color, somebody purchased too much of it, or used only part of a can. We check the paint as it comes in to make sure it's still useable; sometimes you can even find a partial can or two of paint for free!
Our salvage paint prices are

  • $2/quart,

  • $5/gallon, and

  • $25/5-gallon bucket.

  • Please do not open the paint cans--a volunteer has already checked them for spoilage and put a sample of the color on the top of the can. Ask CF staff if you need assistance.


    We usually have a selection of surplus and salvage plumbing fittings. We often have PVC pipe, sometimes copper, faucets, shower heads, and more--come in to hunt the aisle--you may want to bring a flashlight because the plumbing aisle is somewhat poorly lit.


    We sell radiators for $4-10.50 per fin, depending on their height and how ornate the designs are. We were told that all radiators worked at time of donation, however since we cannot test them in our store, all radiators have a 14-day return policy. If you find it doesn’t work after you’ve installed it, bring it back and you will get a full refund; (please bring your receipt with all returns). Please note: Community Forklift employees WILL NOT assist customers in loading!! You must bring a suitable vehicle, and enough people to lift the radiator(s) you are purchasing.

    Reclaimed Lumber from Treincarnation

    Marcus Sims stocks sustainably harvested rough-planed specialty lumber at Community Forklift, most of which originated in Montgomery County, MD. This lumber ranges in size and shape, often with its natural bark skin still intact on its edges. Please visit for more information about his beautiful work.

    Roofing & Moisture Protection

    If you have a small roofing job, you may be able to find enough matching shingles in our pile to finish the job! We sometimes have rolls of tar paper and roll roofing in stock too. Please note that our inventory varies constantly and what's pictured in the photo may no longer be available for sale.

    Salvage Arts

    Our Salvage Arts department features restored lighting, a wide selection of unique primitives, iron heating grills, vintage signs & containers, architectural ironwork, and much more!

    The Salvage Arts section was created to give Community Forklift's customers the opportunity to gain access to the unique range of more valuable items that don't normally come in as donations. Our antique items are priced at affordable market value. You will find that a restored Salvage Arts piece will be worth more than a modern fixture or unrestored item.

    Shelf Boards

    We usually have a selection of laminate, particle-board, and pine 1x6, 1x8, 1x10, and 1x12 boards less than 6' long.

    Shutters & Window Treatments

    We usually have a variety of interior & exterior window shutters, new & used, vinyl & wooden. The prices will range based on condition, size, and material. Bring your measurements!


    We usually have a large variety of cultured marble and porcelain sinks in stock—pricing will vary, depending on the sink’s condition and whether there is a faucet attached. We also have a fair assortment of cast-iron sinks (wall-mount and larger farm-style sinks), stainless steel kitchen sinks, and sometimes we have pedestal sinks in stock. We also sometimes have vanity cabinets with accompanying sinks.


    We sometimes receive donations of stones such as river rock to be used in landscaping applications. Sometimes we sell flagstone and slate as well.


    Salvaged white regular toilets now start at $15, and salvaged colored toilets start at $20. Regular white water savers start at $35. CF also has some varieties of antique toilets, dating back to the 1930s! We do also often sell lids and seats separately--be sure to bring your old lid or a tracing of it if you're trying to match it up!

    Tool Department

    As available, we have modern and vintage hand tools and power tools for sale! Tools are sold as-is, and priced accordingly.

    Salvage Arts (our architectural salvage department) also features antique tools, ironware, farm implements, and collectors' items.


    We have a large selection of trim, but it may be hard to find a large lot of a particular type. Be sure to bring a sample if you are trying to match a style, because trim comes in a very broad variety of cuts. Trim is sold by the linear foot, with prices reflecting its width, type of wood, and condition. Please consult a staff member for pricing


    Rolls of wallpaper and border sell for 50¢ each—makes great wrapping paper!


    We almost always have plenty of windows in stock. Pricing ranges from $1/sq ft for storm windows and $2-$10/sq ft for vintage and modern sashes depending on type, age, and condition. Please bring a tape measure, as not all windows are pre-measured!

    Wood Flooring

    Bundles of salvaged red oak are $2.00/sq ft, a great deal! We sometimes also have white oak in stock for $2.25/sf, and occasionally we have heartwood pine in stock for $5/sq ft. At any given time, we may have various widths, thicknesses, and/or lengths, so remember to bring a sample if you’re trying to match a specific type.

    Thanks to Podio we keep work simple.

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