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Did you know that Community Forklift has successfully completed Co-op America's screening process for socially and environmentally responsible green businesses? We are now in their National Green Pages™ directory!

Lifting up Communities

Community Forklift's reuse center provides renovation supplies to the public at very low prices. This lifts up the community in so many ways: by creating jobs, making repairs affordable, reducing waste, and stimulating the local economy, to name a few.

In service of our mission to "Lift up Communities," Community Forklift has also formalized three programs through which we provide free materials to nonprofits and families in need!

If you'd like any further information or would like to request the application forms for any of our programs, please contact Tiffany at 301-985-5180 or tiffany(at)

Our HELP Program

Community Forklift donates certain home essentials to qualified individuals & families through our Home EssentiaLs Program (HELP).

In 2012, Community Forklift donated $14,306 worth of appliances and other home essentials to 226 people in 71 households across the DC metro region!

You qualify for the HELP program if you:
  • Receive any type of public assistance (i.e., Social Security, EBT)
  • Are a client at one of our referral agencies
  • Earn at or below the federal poverty level (FPL)
  • Are a low-income individual with a disability or significant health issue
For more information, or to apply, please click the image at the right to download our brochure & referral form.

Donations to Non-profits

In addition to helping individuals, Community Forklift donates supplies to a wide variety of local nonprofits and community groups.

In 2012, Community Forklift provided over $33,000 in free materials to 71 different organizations! Community Forklift materials have been used for:
  • building community gardens & outdoor classrooms
  • painting murals
  • training fire fighters
  • beautifying communities
  • producing a Public Service Announcement
  • providing hands-on vocational training
  • building theater sets
  • repairing substandard housing
  • cooking thousands of meals through church feeding programs
  • installing & repairing playgrounds
  • building musical instruments
  • fostering creative art projects
  • supporting scouting projects
  • supporting school clubs - from woodworking to art to drama to gardening
  • and much more!
If your organization wishes to apply for a mini-grant of building materials, please click the image at the right to download the application.

Loans to Non-profits

Community Forklift also loans items to non-profits (particularly theaters and schools) who only need certain items for a short period of time. The groups promise to return the items in the same or better condition.

During 2012, Community Forklift loaned over $1,950 worth of materials to 17 local theaters, schools, and neighborhood groups who needed items for special events.

If your organization wishes to apply for a loan of building materials, please click the image at the right to download the application.

Here are some of the non-profits Community Forklift has assisted by granting or loaning building materials since 2011:

Thanks to Podio we keep work simple.

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