Pick Up America

Plastic bottles, chip bags, grocery bags, take-out containers, soda cans, soda can rings, hypodermic needles, gum, Styrofoam, balloons, twine, and straws…these are just a few of the things littered all over the country.  Pick Up America is a local, regional, and nationwide initiative dedicated to reducing waste in our communities and waterways.  This group of full-time volunteers is walking across America and picking up trash along the way.  They also organize community pick-ups to help change our throwaway mentality, and to encourage communities to embrace alternatives.

In 2010, the Pick Up Artists cleaned up 73,224 pounds of trash in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky before stopping for the winter to regroup and fundraise.  Come on out to their “March Forth” fundraiser!  It will be held at the Washington Ethical Society from 7 – 10 PM on March 4th.  There’ll be rock, blues, & russian folk music, and food from the Fojol Brothers (a.k.a. DC’s traveling culinary carnival).  It’s gonna be a great time!  Come support this worthy cause – this flyer has the details: March Forth Fundraiser

P.S. – Community Forklift has donated materials to fix up the bus where they’ll sleep (it’s really cool – it runs on waste vegetable oil!).  However, they’re still looking for bunkbeds, so contact PickUpAmerica@gmail.com if you have some to spare.

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