Local Author Seeks Creaky Old Houses

Help a local author illustrate her novel! Share a unique view of your home – the more rotten and run-down, the better!

Greetings, fellow Forklift Fans:

I need several close-up views in old houses to create illustrations for my forthcoming novel Rainwood House Sings. The book is set in a run-down house in a fictionalized town which happens to resemble Brentwood, North Brentwood and Mt. Rainier, with a few hints of Edmonston, Hyattsville, etc. thrown in (see below for a brief synopsis of the story).
If any of the descriptions below sounds familiar, please share it!
Rainwood House is as decrepit as they come, so bring on the worst you have! If possible, send a snapshot along with your contact info to solidaritynow(at)verizon.net
If it fits, I’ll come photograph it and “Photoshop” it for the book. You’ll get a warm mention in the Acknowledgments – but not beside the transformed photo, so no one will know it was your house…unless you want!
Thanks very much!!
Juliana (Julie) Barnet
Mt. Rainier 
House: Large, decrepit, vaguely Queen Anne style. Dormers and roof sections going different directions. Dilapidated wrap-around porch. Teetery-looking looking tower with “witch hat” roof.
Front Porch: wide, rotten stairs leading up to an empty porch with one broken wicker chair, peeling paint on columns, old-fashioned decrepit front door with diamond pane sidelights. 
Foyer: wide, broken floorboards, a coat tree, old table, doorway with old trim.
Upstairs: wide, old stairway up to second floor landing. At least two doors opening onto a landing, visible from top of stairs.
Kitchen: window with wide, rotten sash and sill, above old-fashioned rounded sink with old faucet. Herb in pot on sill.
Garden: several dead, droopy-headed sunflowers on the stalk, standing in a disheveled area of tall grass (actually an old crop of unharvested wheat.)
Basement: Rickety basement stairway with no risers, old beams, tangle of pipes, old door in a damp-stained wall.
Rainwood House Sings is a “social justice mystery,” a lighthearted but serious novel about a Mexican ex-union activist and her quirky young granddaughter, who live in a near-ruinous old house with a forgotten Civil Rights history.
They take in a housemate who, unbeknownst to them, is fleeing a possible accusation of cop shooting.
Serenaded by Rainwood House’s bellowing plumbing and squeaking stairways, the human inhabitants gradually reveal their secrets, helping each other tackle sexual harassment at work, religious confusion in school, and the challenges of being on a modern-day underground railroad.

Eventually Rainwood House’s inhabitants must reach out beyond themselves to confront a threat looming over all of them and over Rainwood House itself.