A Multitude of Opportunities to Build Up Your Karmic Credit!

Hope everyone had a relaxing winter…but now, the sunshine is bright, the trees are budding, and we need spring volunteers!  With lots of community festivals & Earth Day events, this is the best time of the year to spread the word about our important work.  Home Depot has millions of dollars to spend on ads, but we’ve got YOU! 
As usual, all the best spring events are happening at the same time.  I have not yet figured out how to be in three places at once, so we need a bunch of outreach volunteers – especially this Saturday and next week (schedule below).
To sign up, just reply with your phone number and the shift you are available, or call or text my cell at 301-904-7579.
*  If you have not volunteered at outreach events with us before, no problem!  I can give you an orientation before your shift, and send you our volunteering manual with answers to frequently asked questions.   
*  If you can’t help on weekends, we need weekday volunteers to get supplies ready for the kids recycling activity, paint signs, and decorate our parade float.
*  If you can’t help now but have time later this spring, check out the calendar of events on our website (In particular, if you have DIY skills, consider joining us on April 30th with Christmas in April).  
This Saturday:
H20 Fest:  Thinking Green to Protect Blue
Germantown MD
Saturday 4/9
Shift:  10am – 2pm
This is a well-organized event held by WSSC, and it’s always busy.  You will be handing out flyers at our table, and helping kids with an easy recycling craft.  
The Better Block Project
Mt. Rainier, MD (5 minutes from Community Forklift) 
Saturday, 4/9
Shift needed:  12pm-3:30pm
You will be handing out flyers at our table, and helping kids with an easy recycling craft.  
You’ve heard of flash mobs and pop-up shops?  Well, the Better Block Project is a pop-up neighborhood!  An assortment of artists, community activists, kids, street performers, crafters, gardeners, and other do-gooders are getting together to transform a gritty, half-empty commercial stretch of the main street in Mt. Rainier MD (just a few blocks from the border of NE DC). By sprucing it up and bringing some color and life to it for a day, we are going to demonstrate the economic and social potential of this space. The day is inspired by a rundown little town in Texas – when Oak Cliff held a Better Block Project, every vacancy in their commercial strip was rented within a month!

The concept holds real promise for old commercial strips throughout the DC region.  Perhaps I’m a starry-eyed optimist, but I think this is going to be an inspiring example of ordinary folks scraping up a few pennies, rolling up their sleeves, and changing the future of their community. Plus, there will be great dance music on the street stage!
Next Week:
Earth Day at Robert Goddard Montessori School
Seabrook, MD
Friday, 4/15
Shifts:  9am-12 pm and/or 12 pm-3 pm
Calling all retired teachers and kids-at-heart!  We need volunteers to lead K-8 classes in Earth Day activities and games about building materials reuse and recycling.  Anybody up for the challenge?
Hyattsville Parade & Anniversary Festival
Saturday 4/16
Shifts:  10am-12 pm or 12pm-4pm 
We need volunteers to walk with our truck in the morning parade handing out candy, and/or to hand out brochures at our table in Magruder Park from 12pm – 4pm.  
Frager’s Spring Convention
Eastern Market on Capitol Hill
Saturday 4/16
Shifts:  9am-12pm or 12pm-3pm 
You’ll be handing out brochures at our table.  Frager’s Hardware Store on Capitol Hill holds this event to showcase resources for old homes, and tradespeople who specialize in historic restoration.
EPA Sustainable Design Expo on the National Mall
Saturday 4/16 Shifts:  10am-2pm or 2pm-5pm
Sunday 4/17 Shifts:  10am-1pm or 1pm-4pm
You’ll be handing out brochures at our table.  University teams from all over the country will be displaying their sustainable design ideas, so you’ll enjoy this if you’re into environmental innovations and creative new technology.

Thanks so much!
To sign up, just e-mail Ruthie or call/text 301-904-7579.