May Sales and a great website for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

We have a whole bunch of new things for sale this month, and even some freebies!  It’s a great time to shop at Community Forklift, especially with Mother’s Day coming up!

  • Bar-Height Benches – $75 each!  Do you have a basement with a mini-bar and a pool table, but seems to be missing something?  These benches were donated by a billiard hall undergoing renovation and one or two would be the perfect item to complete your basement!
  • Orphan cabinets – $2 each!  Orphan cabinets are a great way to add some storage to your laundry room, storage room, or garage.  Pair it with a wooden work table (which are also 50% off this month!) or a countertop to make a complete workstation!  These ideas were taken from Planet Green, and there are yet more listed on their site!
  • Wood Work Tables/Potting Tables – 50% off! Just in time for spring, these tables are 50% off…nab one and make your outdoor work much easier!
  • Mini-Blinds – $1!  This month, mini-blinds are only $1 each!  You can mimic the look of custom-made fabric shades with mini blinds, fabric, and a bit of creativity.  Instructions are here: Little Green Notebook.
  • Doors – 30% off! A whole bunch of salvaged door types apply to this sale, including modern doors, French doors, vintage wood paneled doors, flush doors, storm doors, and security doors!  Take the time to browse through our huge collection of doors and save a ton of money.
  • Toilets – 50% off select toilets! Why pay a few hundred bucks for a new toilet when you can get similar ones here for pretty cheap!  If you’re concerned about the amount of water that an older toilet uses, don’t be!  Most of our toilets are the type that use 1.6 gallons per flush!
  • Select Dishwashers and Wall Ovens – FREE! This is what happens when we get too much of a good thing, it piles up!  This sale applies to any appliance with the round, neon-colored “FREE” sticker.

Still need to get your mother a Mother’s Day gift but your mom’s not the home improvement type?  Check out this website for some great ideas that both your mother and Mother Earth will love: Five Great Green Mother’s Day Gifts.