Are we destroying our buildings? The curator thinks so.

Community Forklift attracts all sorts of buyers, from homeowners and professional contractors to artists and tree-huggers, but one thing unites them: their interest in home improvement.  One of our customers has been fascinated with buildings ever since he was a young boy and he is appalled with the “crumbling American aesthetic and the lack of apparent understanding of the built environment.”  His interest in maintaining the high quality of architecture is not strictly limited to one type of buildings…old buildngs, new buildings, trailer parks, he loves them all!  He maintains a website, appropriately named the Curator of Shit, that portrays some of the good, but mostly the bad and the ugly of American architecture.

Luckily for him, our warehouse is a veritable trove of architectural goodies and he has used several in his 1920’s Columbia Heights rowhouse.  Below are several pictures of doors he has used throughout his house as part of a basement apartment renovation.  It’s safe to say he will never have to feature his own house on his website!