Green Marketing is a Failure

For years now, many activists, community organizations, schools, government organizations, and even companies have been encouraging people to buy green products.  However, despite years of advertising and participation from many parties, people just refuse to buy green products.  According to Joel Makower of, “No environmentally preferable car, carpet, cosmetic, clothing, coffee, credit card, or cell phone has captured more than 2% of its respective market.  In most cases, sales of green products represent well under 1 percent of any given category.”

So, should we give up?  Should we stop shopping at Community Forklift?  Not necessarily…Joel Makower’s article explains the reality of how and why the consumer business has become greener over the years, consumers’ perceptives on how green the consumer marketplace is, and why we are wasting our time on green marketing: Green Marketing Is Over.  Let’s Move On.