New flooring made from reclaimed barn & house timbers – should we carry this from now on?

We have a lot of requests for reclaimed wood flooring.  Unfortunately, we never recieve enough donations of flooring to meet all the demand.  In addition, homeowners occasionally want to buy our used flooring, but their contractors are unwilling to work with it because a percentage of the tongues & grooves may be damaged.

So, we are experimenting with a new partnership with a wood miller, in the hopes that we will be able to provide a steadier supply of flooring in large amounts.  He’s just brought us 1000+ square feet of beautiful pine flooring that was re-milled from vintage barn and house timber.  So, it’s “new” flooring made from old wood!  There are two sizes in different grades for $5-$8 sq.ft.

Come check it out and let us know what you think – should we add this as a regular product?