8 Great Sales in August, and 2 Big Price Cuts!


Half-light Doors:  Take 75% off salvaged half-light doors priced at $35 or less (Sale does not apply to other styles of doors, cabinet doors, or doors without price tags).

Lighting:  Take 50% off all light fixtures and light covers priced at $50 or less (Sale does not include items without price tags, or items from our consignment partners).

Ceramic Tile (6”x6” or smaller):  Take 50% off the marked price on standard neutral ceramic tile sized 6” x 6” or smaller (Sale does not include other sizes or types of tile; unusual glazes, shapes, or colors; decorative, terra cotta, glass, or stone tiles; or items from our consignment partners).

Window Sashes:  Take 50% off individual window sashes priced at $25 or less  (Sale does not apply to full windows, or windows without price tags).

Small Lots of Laminate Flooring:  This month, laminate wood flooring is marked down from $0.75/sq.ft. to just $0.25 per square foot. Sale applies to lots of 200 square feet or less.

“Orphan” Oak and Pine Flooring:   Near the checkout, we have a bunch of loose sticks of oak, pine, and vintage pine flooring. These sticks are just $0.25 each, regardless of length.  (Sale does not apply to matching lots or bundles of wood flooring.  Please do not remove sticks from bundles)

Orphan floorboards are great for patching jobs, or craft projects.  Check out this gorgeous wall treatment created by Forklift Fan Tracy Pope using mismatched flooring scraps!

Salvage Arts Ceramics:  Take 50% off the marked price on select mid-century ceramics with white hanging tags.

Salvage Arts Ornamental Hardware:  Take 20% off the marked price on select hardware with white hanging tags. Sale includes vintage cabinet hardware, doorknobs, locks, handles, pulls, and hooks (Sale does not include other types of hardware, hinges, skeleton keys, heating grates, or hardware with orange tags).

Prices Slashed On Select Cabinet Sets:  They are now up to 50% less than original Forklift prices!  (Prices as marked)

Toilets Now Cost Less:  Most standard 1.6 gallon toilets have been reduced from $25 to $15 each (Prices as marked).