Please vote us Best Home Store of 2011 – only a few days left!


Yikes – We only have a few days left to win Best Home Store!

Before this Monday, Oct. 3rd, 

please write us in for the “Best Home Store” category,

in the Shops & Styles section at

As a nonprofit, we don’t have room in our budget for advertising, and winning this contest could mean great free publicity for us!  We won it in 2009 and 2010, and each time, we got a surge of phone calls from folks who wanted to donate materials instead of dumping.  Your vote could really help Community Forklift!
(Somehow the Express staff overlooked us when choosing nominees this year – a grave error.  But we know y’all will come through for us – our Forklift Fans are so awesome that we can win as a write-in!)