More info about the types and prices of plants we’ll have tomorrow

Hi everyone –

The plant sale starts at 10 am tomorrow, in our overflow parking field (on the far side of our neighboring building, next to the train tracks).  As you select your plants, Kitty or I will write up a tally slip for you.  You’ll then take the  slip over to to our warehouse to pay at the register, and return to the field with your receipt to pick up your plants.

As announced yesterday, we did not get a lot of the plants we’d expected for tomorrow’s plant sale, particularly the smaller plants and smaller straw bales we’d seen. 

However, we did still get a few hundred nice large plants!  We were so busy sorting and researching everything as it came off the truck that we didn’t get any pictures before the sun went down.  But here is an approximate list of the items that we’ll have for sale starting at 10 am tomorrow.  Now, I’m exhausted, so I may make a few mistakes here, but I want to give you an idea, at least:

*  Almost no veggie or berry plants  🙁

*  Priced from $3-$6: 1 – 2 gallon pots of miscellaneous:  lavender plants, Montauk Daisy, Hosta Plantain Lilly, and a pretty ornamental thing with small round leaves.  We have about 15 or less of each type.

*  Eleven 3′ long rectangular planters filled with a gorgeous purple-leaf ornamental plant – $35 each

*  Half-dozen tall plants with hot pink feathery flowers, $15 each

*  7 New Zealand trees called pseudopanax sabre, $20 each ($45 retail price)

*  Perhaps 100-150 junipers, 2 to 5 gallon pots, priced at $10-$20 each (Estimated retail value $20-$105 each)  

* Several hundred pretty grasses, 1 to 3 gallon pots, priced at $3-$10 each (Estimated retail value $15-$40 each)

*  Almost everything listed above are hardy perennials well-suited for this climate, but we did get a couple dozen large tropical plants, including 6′-8′ tall palms and massive saw-grass type things.  Priced them at $10-$25 each (Estimated retail value $60-$120 each).

*  We also got about a dozen attractive wood planting boxes.  They are painted green and about 3′ – 3.5′ tall.  The shorter ones (3′ or 4′ long?) are $18 and the longer ones (5′ or 6′ long?) are $30.

*  A few dozen big straw bales, $3 each.

Okay, hope this helps!