Wiped out of plants – plus, apologies to the nonprofits we disappointed

Wow – today’s plant sale was a madhouse!  As I mentioned in the last blog post, we received far fewer plants than we’d been anticipating (about 500 plants, vs. thousands), but far more people than expected.  Apparently, our sale announcement was forwarded to every listserve in creation.

I’ve never even been to a plant sale, let alone organized one, so this was quite a learning experience for us.  Usually we have 10 to 50 people show up at the opening of our special sales, so we were not quite prepared for how many hundreds of garden enthusiasts showed up in the first hour.

Needless to say, there is not much left!  We do have some nice big rectangular plywood planting boxes, and a handful of grasses and saplings at this point (though they may be gone by the time I’m done posting this).

One more sincere apology to all the nonprofits who could not get free materials today.  It was heartbreaking to have to turn you down, especially those of you who rented trucks.  I did spend spend many, many hours on Monday night and Tuesday posting on every listserve & blog I could find, replying to every email I got, warning that we would not longer be able to donate to everyone – but of course that was not circulated nearly as widely as the original announcement. 

If we could have, we would have loved to give everything away.  Unfortunately, we spent a lot of money on truck rentals and temporary labor to go down to the Mall, and we needed to cover those costs.   When we realized that we were getting far fewer plants than anticipated, it put us into an awful spot. 

We never should have promised to give away chicks before they hatched!  I should have waited until we recieved the plants to publicize them (we rushed because we were worried that they would die in the hot field, since we don’t have the ability to water them).  It was my mistake, and I am sincerely sorry.  

Please call us if your organization is ever in need of lumber, hardware, paint or other supplies (we allocate donations of building materials each month and would really appreciate the opportunity to make this up to you). 

Thanks again to the Solar Decathalon for making these available, and thanks to everyone who came today for their patience with us.