Crafters & Artists needed for Community Forklift’s Green Gift Fair!

Please spread the word:  we still have spots

for exhibitors in our Green Gift Fair.

It starts this Saturday and continues through December 18th.  Here are the details and the application – please return to Ruthie(at) ASAP if you are interested in exhibiting or consigning!

There are two ways to participate:

1)  Sell your gift items yourself for free: 

Every Saturday between now and Christmas, anyone who makes art or gift items out of reclaimed materials can exhibit and sell their work in our “lounge area” – the place inside our door where we serve coffee.  We can provide you with a folding table, and it is free.  There is free hot coffee, and you are protected from the weather, but our warehouse is not climate controlled so it can get chilly.  To sign up, you need to do three things:

a)  Fill out the attached application and send it back ASAP (and then I’ll send you the exhibition contract)

b)  Sign up for particular days and times, so that I know which artists will be here when, and we won’t run out of room.  You can sell any day that we are open from now through Christmas (see store hours below), but we will be advertising the Gift Fair on Saturdays because that’s when we have the most foot traffic.  In particular, I’m hoping that the weekend after Thanksgiving will be busy, because we’re having a storewide sale to celebrate “Small Business Saturday”.

c)  Let me know if you want to do a talk, workshop, or hands-on demonstration of how you make your art, and I will publicize it to our mailing list, which reaches about 7,000 people

d)  Keep track of what you sell here so that you can give me a summary at the end of the Gift Fair, and we can announce how much economic impact it had.

2)  Consign with us for a 20% fee: 

Let me know ASAP if you would like to be considered for this.  We will be choosing up to 4 artists for our consignment area, which will start the week of Thanksgiving and continue through Christmas.  This area is right across from the register (the section with the white columns with the glass cases where we usually keep our crystal doorknobs and such).

If your work is chosen, I will send you a consignment contract and assign you a department number.  You will need to email me a full inventory in an Excel spreadsheet.  You will need to schedule a day to meet with me (or our display guru Matt) to set up your stuff in the consignment area and make sure that every single item is marked with the price and your department number.

We will try to keep everything nice, but it would be great if the consigning artisans can stop by a few times throughout Nov. & Dec., to make sure that everything is dust-free and arranged nicely.  We will do our very best to prevent shoplifting – this area will be blocked off so that there is only one entrance across from the register.  However, we will not be able to compensate you for any lost or damaged items…so you need to make sure that it is displayed in a safe way.

Our sales staff will keep track of everything using your department number, and our bookkeeper will cut you a check for the final proceeds, minus a 20% consignment fee.  You will need to pick up your leftover items by Jan. 8th at the latest.

Thanks so much!

Ruthie Mundell, Outreach & Education Director
The Nonprofit Thrift Store for Home Improvement & Architectural Salvage
Open Wed, Thurs, & Fri (10am – 6pm) and Sat & Sun (9am – 6 pm)
Located in the little green town of Edmonston, MD
(in the Hyattsville area, 5 min. from DC)

Green Gift Fair Application –

Please return ASAP!!! (due by Nov. 18) 

Contact Name:


Phone Number(s):


Name of your business:

What dates (and times) would you like to exhibit between now and Dec. 24th?  (We have space for up to 6 artists at a time).  Write down at least one date – you can always let Ruthie know if you want to add more days later.

Would you like to be considered for the consignment area?

Any special needs?  We will provide a card table – do you need wall display space, electricity, anything else?  Let Ruthie know if you want to borrow anything for display use– shutters, etc.  We may be able to loan it to you for the duration of the fair.

A promotional blurb about you and what you will be selling, including information about how you use reclaimed or recycled materials, especially if they are building materials and/or from Community Forklift.  Limit 100 words.  We will use this info in our calendar, newsletter, blog, facebook, twitter, etc.

Have you sent at least two promotional photos to  or sent her a link to your website, flickr page, etc?

Circle One:    Yes   /   No

How did you find out about the gift fair?

CF Newsletter :  __CF Facebook, WordPress blog, Twitter, or Yahoo Group:  __

CF employee (do you know their name?:  _________________________