Tomorrow at the Green Gift Fair

The Green Gift Fair starts tomorrow, Nov. 19th.
Each weekend from now through Dec. 18, we’ll host artisans selling beautiful gifts made out of reclaimed materials. Stop by your favorite reuse store, find unique and sustainable gifts, and support the local economy.

(It’s free to exhibit, and we still have spots left. For more info, visit

On Nov. 19th, the Fair will feature:
* Dessert Station (9am – while supplies last): yummy baked goods, great for hostess gifts!

* SCH Fine Arts (11am – 3pm)
Shani Hernandez is an artist from nearby Brookland. Her paintings are abstract representations of deeply personal personal feelings and experiences. Throughout her body of work she re-purposes used wood as a medium instead of canvas. An admitted geek, she also often incorporates used electronic components within her work, often to convey how human nature is often ‘hardwired.’

* Kosmoceratops – Art Squared (11am – 4pm)
Says artist Erika Kissinger: “Kosmoceratops is the name of a newly discovered dinosaur whose claim to fame is quite the decorative head plate. I picked that name for my business not only because my camera (circa 1950) is nicknamed ‘dinocam’ but because the artist rendition of this prehistoric beasty is a total work of art. And it amazed me that inspiration could come from what started as a dusty pile of bones. That’s why I love photography my subjects using TTV – Through the Viewfinder. To get the uniquely square and vintage looking photo, I use my dinocam and a digital SLR to make a new image. All my pieces are mounted on reclaimed wood collected from many sources, including Community Forklift.