Sorry, Sold Out: Cool items that have arrived recently

Hi Forklift Fans – just in case you don’t follow @CommForklift on Twitter, I thought I would share some of our recent posts with you.

Thanks!  Ruthie


Stainless steel angle iron in 10 foot lengths, mirror finish decorative quality stuff at $15 per piece (from an abandoned commercial store).  30 Nov 

Our window section is now TOTALLY shoppable! We put dividers into all the racks so the windows don’t lean all over the one you want to see.  30 Nov 

The Mod Squad! 2 Mid-Century Modern Lane end tables and 2 60’s era china cabinets & stereo cabinet just in. $40 to $100!  30 Nov 

Over in the Green Gift Fair:  check out these repurposed marble bookends, made by our own antiques guru, Terry Lewis   23 Nov 

100+ long 2×8, 2×10, and 2×12 pine boards for construction just in… Those are .40, .45. and .50 cents per usable foot. Hurry!  22 Nov

Dozens of surplus pre-hung solid and hollow doors, $65 for perfect down to $10 for ones missing the door casing! Now on sale…  22 Nov

Wow- 1000’s of feet of vintage chestnut and fir trim just in- a whole house. Many profiles, .10 to $4 a foot based on width and material!  17 Nov

Cool stuff for Winter… 10 Vintage Metal Gas Fireplace inserts with great detail and style… $35-$75 each!  15 Nov