Nonprofit Energy Alliance to be Recognized for Leadership

Hi Forklift Fans!  Perhaps you remember our announcement  back in May, when we switched to wind power and joined the Nonprofit Energy Alliance  (The NPEA is an alliance of like-minded nonprofits who’ve joined together to use their collective purchasing power to  secure competitive electricity supply at lower cost, to protect the environment, and and to build a greener economy).

Well, we are proud to report that the NPEA is going to be recognized for environmental leadership!  It’s nice to know that our regional leaders value creative solutions and ideas.  More info about Alliance and the awards ceremony below.




Nonprofit Energy Alliance to be Recognized for Environmental Leadership

Tuesday, December 13 at 9:00 am
Montgomery County Council Office Building, 3rd Floor Chamber Office
100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD

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Please join us as Montgomery County Council President Roger Berliner recognizes the the extraordinary accomplishments of the NONPROFIT ENERGY ALLIANCE (NPEA). Launched in May 2010, NPEA is now comprised of 50 leading edge nonprofits that will collectively save an estimated $366,000 compared to standard offer service, while supporting clean sources of energy that are essential to protecting our environment and building a new economy. The impact is equivalent to taking 1700 cars off the roads or powering 700 homes over a one-year period. Participating nonprofits used their collective purchasing power to save on a fixed expense, freeing up resources for essential services while also implementing environmentally sustainable business practices.

Hope to see you there!

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