Amazing donation just arrived – a huge truckload of brand-new eco-friendly flooring

Wow! We have received pallets and pallets of surplus eco-friendly marmoleum flooring, still in the box.

These are true linoleum tiles like your grandparents might have had in their kitchen, which means the tiles are made out of linseed oil and other natural and renewable ingredients. So, unlike ordinary vinyl flooring, there is no off-gassing of toxic chemicals in your house! It’s also incredibly durable and easy to maintain (it’s naturally anti-microbial and anti-static). A variety of beautiful colors, too – including slate gray, dove blue, a cheerful light yellow, and a nice neutral tan. More info on the manufacturer at

Please come visit us soon, as this will go quickly.  And spread the word to your friends and neighborhood listserves – especially if you know someone with chemical sensitivities, allergies, or asthma who is renovating and needs materials that won’t harm them.

Community Forklift price:  Forbo Marmoleum floor tiles

*  18″ & 19.5″ squares for $4 each

* 13″ tiles for $2 each

(How does that compare to retail value? Well, our price is $1.52 to $1.77 per square foot.  According to our research, you can sometimes find the marmoleum tiles on sale at a Forbo distributor for $3.45 per square foot, but the regular retail price can range as high as $$6.25 per square foot – that’s $16 for each large tile!)