Six Fabulous Ideas for Repurposed Shutters

Shutters are half off this month. You’re not redoing your windows? No problem – these building materials have tons of other creative uses. We’ve rounded up a few for you…

Shutter Console Table

With some 1x4s, table legs, and paint, you can turn a shutter into a unique side table. Everyone knows about turning repurposed doors into desks, but this project is an unusual variation.

Find the full instructions at

Cork Message Board

Find a shutter with space for a curtain? Grab an old cork board (or maybe some chalkboard or whiteboard paint) and make yourself a rustic-chic message board! Get more pictures and instructions at

Shutter Magazine Rack

One of the cleverest uses I’ve seen for the louvered design of shutters! Detailed instructions and lots of pictures over on My Repurposed Life (which has lots of other ideas sure to inspire Forklift Fans).

Shutter Side Table

Find four matching shutters? Turn them into a funky side table! Search our stone or countertop sections to find a really unique tabletop to finish it off. Instructions over at Good Housekeeping.

Shutter Ceiling

Got an entire room to work with? Maybe a restaurant, a cabin, a porch? Check out what this Sacramento bar/restaurant did with old shutters! From the Dishfunctional Design blog – you’ll find a whole world of shutter ideas over on their page.

These ideas are just jumping-off points. We know we have an amazingly creative community. What will you do with your shutters? Submit photos of your repurposed shutters or share your favorite ideas in the comments!