Gorgeous architectural plaster molding and rosettes, now at Community Forklift

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Major Donation of Architectural Ornamental Plaster

ImageHyattsville Area, Maryland – March 27, 2012
Community Forklift, a nonprofit reuse center located in Edmonston, MD, announces the acquisition of the remaining inventory from local plaster works company, Monumental Construction and Moulding Company (MCMC) in Brentwood, MD. Currently, the inventory has been moved to the Community Forklift warehouse just outside Northeast DC. Items available now for purchase include a wide variety of ceiling medallions, plaster ornaments, decorative mouldings and niches. Over the next few weeks, as the remaining stock of plaster is processed, it will be placed on the floor for sale.

Through its 30-year history MCMC amassed a large collection of historical mouldings that it used to create plaster ornaments. Incredible bargains can be found with the pieces priced at 30%–70% below retail price. Prices for small ceiling medallions start at $25 and go up to $200 for elaborate, large ceiling medallions. Wall and ceiling mouldings are priced from $0.50–$5.25 per foot. DIY enthusiasts, homeowners and creative types will all find something to take home from this large collection of architectural plaster.

ImageKen Saler, owner of the building that housed the plaster works, contacted Community Forklift after MCMC closed its doors. In preparing the property for sale, Mr. Saler wanted to find a good home for the inventory. He said that he chose to donate the plaster to Community Forklift because: “I don’t want to see all of this ornamental plaster ending up in a dumpster or a landfill. Donating these pieces to Community Forklift has a two-fold result – it helps the non-profit fulfill its mission and keeps this decorative art form alive in the local neighborhoods.”

Founded in 1979, MCMC served the building industry in the UImage.S. and worldwide by supplying the widest selection of decorative plaster mouldings in a variety of design styles. MCMC, one of just a few plaster artisans left in the U.S., was instrumental in the revival of the age-old art of ornamental plaster decoration. Their international collection of original period mouldings (many dating to the 1850’s) was the largest in the world. They were an authoritative resource for designers, architects and contractors striving to produce credible period ornamental plaster work. MCMC’s portfolio of completed jobs included: the Mayflower Hotel, Tiffany & Co., the U.S. Treasury, Union Station in Washington, DC and Gianni Versace’s homes in Miami and New York.

ImageCommunity Forklift rescued more than 120 plaster molds and over 500 custom-made plaster cutting tools from the MCMC warehouse. They are currently searching for a plaster works company to purchase the lot to help save this historically valuable collection and ensure the continued revival of ornamental plaster arts.

Community Forklift is a nonprofit thrift store for home improvement where people in the greater Washington, DC area can donate or shop for gently-used building materials, hardware and architectural salvage at a fraction of retail prices.The name Community Forklift refers to the nonprofit’s mission: to lift up local communities by reducing waste, creating green jobs and making repairs affordable.



About Community Forklift:

Community Forklift (CF) is a nonprofit reuse center for home improvement and architectural salvage. It accepts donations of new, gently-used and vintage building materials like cabinets, mantels, doors and lumber. The renovation supplies are then made available to the public at very low prices (40% – 90% below big-box stores) and donated to local nonprofits. To improve its financial stability, the organization has also brought in consignment partners to offer higher-end products: unusual antiques and primitives, raw-edge hardwoods and reconditioned appliances. The program is owned and operated by local 501c3 nonprofit Sustainable Community Initiatives and all donations are tax-deductible.

Community Forklift’s name refers to the organization’s mission: to lift up local communities. Since opening in 2005, Community Forklift has made it possible for thousands of local homeowners and nonprofits to repair substandard housing. Not only have 20 green jobs been created at the store, but hundreds of local contractors have been able to keep their estimates low, allowing them to attract clients and keep working despite the tough economy. Reuse of materials means that fewer materials go into the landfill (reducing the financial burden on local governments) and that less energy is used to extract, manufacture and transport new materials. Community Forklift is better for our wallets and our world!