This weekend only: 30% off Lighting and Eco-friendly Tile at Community Forklift




Flash Sale!

This Saturday & Sunday Only

(May 5th & 6th, 2012)



Take 30% off Lights

Sale includes standard light fixtures, ceiling fans, and light shades.  Sale does NOT include select specialty items, white-tagged items from our consignment partners, items with missing or damaged price tags, or light bulbs or other electrical parts.


Take 30% off Marmoleum Tile

 These are true linoleum tiles, like your grandparents might have used in their first kitchen.  This means that, unlike vinyl flooring, the tiles are made out of linseed oil and other natural and renewable ingredients.

*  Won’t off-gas toxic chemicals in your house

*  Very durable and can last for decades

*  Naturally anti-microbial & anti-static.


Find more info on the manufacturer’s website, and spread the word to your friends and neighborhood listserves – especially if you know someone with chemical sensitivities, allergies, or asthma who is renovating and needs materials that won’t harm them.


18″ & 19.5″ tiles for $2.80 each

13″ tiles for $1.40 each


How does that compare to retail value?

According to our research, you can sometimes find these tiles on clearance for $3.45 per square foot, but the regular retail price can range as high as $6.25 per square foot – that would be $16 for each large tile!


Forklift SALE price

Regular RETAIL price

$1.06 – $1.19 / sf

$3.45 – $6.25 / sf