Give the’ Lift a lift


We have some good news and bad news for our Forklift Fans…

We’ll start off with the good news…

We have been very busy lately — donations are arriving faster than ever before. We love it because we’re keeping more stuff out of the landfill, and providing more low-cost materials to the community. For that, we thank all of our donors, big and small! Without you – – our store wouldn’t exist!


Are you ready for the bad news?

Here it goes…

With all the donations coming in it’s tough to keep the warehouse clean & organized (It’s so bad that someone posted a Yelp review complaining about the mess! Sigh…)

Don’t worry, there’s more good news…

With your help, we can get our warehouse cleaned up!

This Saturday, you can help straighten things out, have a little fun, and meet your fellow Forklift Fans. Don’t forget, high school students can earn community service hours!

Volunteer Day

Saturday, June 30th

Orientation:  1pm

Clean Up: 2pm- 5pm


And who knows what treasures you may stumble upon to while helping to pick up!


For more info or to RSVP, contact Bea at 301-985-5180 or

Remember:  We have a Volunteer Orientation & Workday on the last Saturday of every month! Save the date for the next one on July 28th.