Calling all Tree Huggers

Community Forklift and Prince George’s County Green Drinks will be hosting a ice cream social for anyone interested in sustainability.  The event is on August 7th, at Jason’s Deli in College Park. Anyone is welcome to come, so bring along a few friends or co-workers!


Prince George’s County Green Drinks wants YOU to connect with fellow tree huggers!

 We know it’s been hot this summer, so Prince George’s County Green Drinks will be changing things up:  we’re hosting an Ice Cream Social for the month of August! Come grab a bite to eat and an ice cream cone in College Park.

We have a guest speaker this month!

 Aaron Marcavitch, Executive Director of Maryland Milestones/ATHA Inc., will be talking about sustainable tourism in Prince George’s County.

 Aaron has ten years of historic preservation, green affordable housing, community development and non-profit management experience. He has worked hard with ATHA Inc. to develop an effective marketing and tourism strategy for the region, which includes eco-tourism goals and increased use of sustainability in heritage. He lives in Greenbelt and serves on the Greenbelt Advisory Council for Environmental Sustainability.

You can learn more about Maryland Milestones/ATHA Inc. at

WHERE: Jason’s Deli

7356 Baltimore Ave

 College Park, MD 20740

WHEN: Tuesday, August 7th 5:30 PM-7:30 PM

 WHY: Exchange ideas, create connections or talk with other people who are interested in the field of sustainability.

 RSVP at – Not required but it would be helpful so the folks of Jason’s Deli can serve us best.

 FIRST- TIME GREEN DRINKER? Don’t be shy, just come on in and looks for the folks with the nametags. Look for Ruthie or Kelsey (they’ll be wearing the green hardhats,) and they’ll introduce you around.

The event is FREE but we encourage you to support Jason’s Deli by enjoying their fresh and healthy sandwiches and ice cream. You can check out their yummy menu at

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 Hope to see you there!