This Sunday: Get a fun workout, and help a Forklifter

Do you think you could move your entire home via bicycle?

Anthony Reiss does!

Many of you know Anthony, the perpetually cheerful fella who helps customers at the ‘Lift (when he’s not busy fixing bikes at Proteus Bicycles).   He and his wife Jess Reiss are moving this Sunday, August 5th – and the whole move will be people-powered!

No, it’s not as crazy as it sounds – they’re only moving about a mile, from their apartment in College Park to a new place, and lots of neighbors are chipping in to help.  Why don’t you come along?  It promises to be a fun afternoon jaunt, and a great way to meet other Forklift Fans and local bicyclists.

Just like her owners, Lucy loves riding on bikes. She’s eager to help with the move!

Says Anthony:  “Thanks to Proteus Bicycles and Community Forklift for supporting our move!  Proteus Bicycles is providing food and publicity, and Community Forklift is loaning a ton of rubbermaid tubs and milk crates (22 to be exact).  We invite you to join us on the afternoon of the 5th.  Please see the Proteus Bicycles facebook page for details and directions, or contact aereiss(at) Thank you Forklift-ers!” 

Anthony heads home to start packing his stuff up in milkcrates