Photo Contest! Submissions due this Wed, Aug. 15


We know some of you have taken nifty photos at Community Forklift, and the projects you’ve created using reclaimed materials. 

All that re-using and re-purposing has a great impact on the environment!  Not only do we throw out less stuff (which reduces pollution from incinerators and methane emissions from landfills), but we lower demand for new products (which means we use less fossil fuel to mine, harvest, extract, manufacture, and ship virgin materials around the globe).

So, we thought you might be interested in this contest held by the Koshland Science Museum in NW DC (part of the National Academy of the Sciences).  You can enter as many photos as you like…

Climate Change Photo Challenge

Submissions due Wednesday, August 15, by 2 pm EDT


What is your community doing about climate change?


Take a photo to show steps your community is taking to lower greenhouse gas emissions or adapt to the impacts of climate change. Examples include building bike lanes, taking public transportation, or retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency.

For further ideas and inspiration, tour the online exhibit, Earth Lab: Degrees of Change, and explore the Division of Earth and Life Sciences’ resource, Climate Change at the National Academies.

The winner of the staff favorite will receive an expansion pack of the popular climate change board game, Catan: Oil Springs, and recognition on the museum’s website. All relevant photos will become the basis of the next challenge, a climate change virtual tour.

Participation is free. Capture climate change adaptation and mitigation in action and share your photos with others.

For more information, visit the web challenges page or email the museum at ksm(at)  

Snap away!