Who’s going to the H Street Festival today?

Oh dear! Our awesome fall intern is not feeling so awesome today, and has to stay home in bed. This means that Ruthie will be staffing our booth at the H St. Festival this afternoon by herself.

H St. Festival is gigantic – they’re expecting THOUSANDS of attendees between noon and 7pm, and it’s an important chance to left local homeowners, artists, low-income folks, and renovators know about Community Forklift.

We all know Ruthie is peppy, but even she may run low on energy this time! We know many of you are planning on going to the festival today…so we’d greatly appreciate if anyone is willing to stop by the booth and hand out brochures for a few minutes, to give her a chance to grab some food, sit down for a minute, or powder her nose.

The Community Forklift booth will be near the corner of H & 10th Street NE DC (we will have a chalkboard sign, some old ladders and various doo-dads, and tables made out of old doors). Ruthie can be reached at 301-985-5180. Thanks in advance to any fantastic Forklift Fans who stop by to help!!!