Ahoy, me Hearties! A Big Thanks to all who Joined arrr Ship in October for the Pirrrate Party!

We had a jolly good time with all of ye lads and lasses at arrr pirrrate party! Enjoy the pics of all the Buccaneers in pirate garb! We hope ye found hidden treasures & met some fellow Forrrklift fans (We’ve posted all of our party pics on Facebook, so go tag yourself and share yourown photos!) 

Blow me down! The Maryland Gazette featured arrrr pirrrate party! A jolly good thanks for helpin’ Community Forklift receive attention and support for arrr local community. Keep checking back for more info on Community Forklift events!

Deadly Pirrrate Family!

learning to make ye sword!

Ruthie aka “Ruthie the Ruthless” and Terry aka “Captain Bear”

Pirrrates Walking the Plank! The “Fearless Gray” vs. “Captain X”