Does your religious community need to save money on utility bills?

Hi Forklift Fans – does your sanctuary cost a lot to heat and cool?  Perhaps your faith community wants to go green?  Well, we just got some great news from our friends at Greater Washington Interfaith Power & Light  (, and wanted to pass it along:


If your religious community pays its electric bill in DC or in Maryland, you may have an opportunity to both PAY LOWER ENERGY RATES and also SUPPORT CLEAN POWER generation with your energy dollars.


Interfaith Power & Light (together with Groundswell, a coalition of community partners, and assisted by a professional energy procurement law firm) is convening a fourth round of our Community Power Project for local organizations. Organizations combine their purchasing power to secure a lower electricity rate, support clean energy through purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), and obtain a low residential wind energy rate that they can offer to their members and employees.


Learn more on one of two conference calls NEXT WEEK:

* Thursday, February 7, at 7 pm
* Friday, February 8, at 10 am

To register for a call: email the name of your congregation and the date of the call you would like to join to Program(at), with “Community Energy Purchase” in the subject line.