Know any Women in the Trades and/or Green Construction?


Dear Forklift Fans – we’ve been asked to spread the word about a survey of women in the trades.  Please share with any friends or contacts who would be interested!


The Forklifters



Please Help…Need a moment of your time for the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

We are trying to get responses to a survey on women’s experience in the trades (with a special section on experiences and views of working on ‘green’ jobs).  We still need to drum up more responses.

We are doing the survey with two aims: to get more info on women’s experience and hopes in relation to more green/environmentally aware construction; more generally to get input/feedback/material to influence the policy discussions in DC over the next few months; there are some people in the Department of Labor who seem to be genuinely interested in increasing job access for women in the trades, but they need support, both to show that there actually are a lot of skilled and able women working in the trades, and that unfortunately ‘fair treatment’ does not always describe their experience … .

Here is the link to the survey (shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to fill in):

Women in the Trades Survey:


Ariane Hegewisch
Study Director
Institute for Women’s Policy Research
1200 18th Street NW, Suite 301
Washington, DC 20036