Solar space heaters now available at the ‘Lift


Green Home LLC, based in Mt. Rainier, Maryland, provides energy-saving, healthy, earth-friendly additions, renovations, and solar heating (learn more about them in this interview on the Green America blog).

We are now partnering with Green Home to offer SolarSheat panels at Community Forklift!  


These innovative solar panels will help you:

  • SolarSheat550wSave 20-30% on your home heating bills
  • Lower your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enjoy heated air all winter
  • Enjoy hot water in the summer (optional feature)
  • Save money on your tax bill with a:
    • 50% Property Tax Credit
    • 30% Federal Energy Credit
    • Maryland sales tax exemption

Wall-mounted SolarSheat solar panels supplement your traditional heating source, lower your monthly heating bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Each 3′ x 7′ SolarSheat panel will heat up to 500′ of space. SolarSheat panels are Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) approved.

For questions, more information or installation requests, please contact Green Home at (301) 277-9660.


SolarSheat Pricing

SolarSheat 1500G = $1,995

Glazed primary panel with PV direct current fan, wall mounts and duct kit.

SolarSheat 1502GS AC Fan Box = $2,998

Incudes 2 GS panels with AC Fan Box, wall mounts and duct kit. 

SolarSheat 1502G 2 pack = $3,153

Includes one (1) 1500G + one (1) 1500GS with PV direct current fan, wall mounts, duct kit and gaskets.

Installation fees are additional.  Please note: the SolarSheat Solar Panel warranty requires that Green Home, a certified installer, install all roof mount applications.