Electric lawn mower giveaway contest – now through Monday!

Cash for Clipperslawnmower

Since 1995, MDE has been partnering with the U.S. EPA, local governments and members of the private sector to improve air quality through the “Cash for Clippers” program. This program encourages the public to trade in their old gas-powered lawn mowers for rotary push, electric or rechargeable battery powered mowers by offering deep discounts on the cleaner mowers. Push mowers and electric mowers do not burn gasoline and are therefore better for air quality and public health.

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The electric lawn mower giveaway contest is on now at  WMMJ-FM website: www.mymajicdc.com.  The drawing for the lawn mower will be on Monday, 7/29/13


In this hot season it’s important to remember to protect your health and limit air pollution activities.  Tips such as fuel up your car in the evening after the sun has gone down can help.

Don’t forget to sign up for air alerts and visit the Clean Air Partners website.