Enter Community Forklift’s Mascot Contest!

One last contest for the summer!

Community Forklift has expanded our online outreach through various social media platforms. Our communities of online friends and fans have grown to wonderful heights, but now we need an easier way for everyone to find us and stay connected. We’d like your help in choosing a Community Forklift Mascot!

ruthie forklift

You may know us by our current Facebook mascot, Ruthie Forklift

We want to have one, single mascot that we can use across all our social media!
Or maybe you know us by our G+ moniker, Adam Plummer (a former slave who founded our town of Edmonston).

Or maybe you know us by our G+ moniker, Adam Plummer

Please submit mascot ideas
to Outreach(at)CommunityForklift.com

If your mascot idea is selected, you’ll win a $25 gift certificate to the Forklift and have the pride of seeing your mascot represent the Forklift on all our social media platforms!  There is no limit to the amount of ideas you can enter, just keep them coming all month long!

Please submit ideas by midnight, Saturday August 31st.