Take just a few seconds to help your favorite reuse store? Pretty please?



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Dear Forklift Fans,

Thanks to all of you wonderful people, we were named “Best of 2013” in the City Paper contest back in April.  Well, now the Washington Post Express is holding their annual contest, and we only have 3 days to make it to the finals!

Please take a few seconds to

Nominate Community Forklift for

Best Home Store in the DC area!

Here’s how:

1) Go to the nomination page, and look for the “Shopping” section.

4) Write in Community Forklift for “Best Home Store

5) Nominate early and often!  You can write us in as many times as you like.

6) Forward this to your friends to ask them to vote…then keep your fingers crossed that we make it to the finals!

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Why do we need your nomination?

Winning Best of DC  will get us a lot of publicity.  As more folks find out about us,

* more materials will be kept out of the landfill,

* more homeowners & small businesses can afford repairs,

* more supplies can be distributed to local nonprofits and community groups

* more green jobs will be created,

and best of all…


YOU will find more good stuff here in the store!