That’s right folks, we need your vote in TWO sustainability contests!

Dear Forklift Fans – just to clarify, we’re currently up for not one, but two big awards this month!  Here’s how you can help us out:

1)  Vote Community Forklift for “Best Green Business” in the City Paper’s Best of DC 2014 Contest.  Winning this will give us a lot of publicity throughout the DC area!  As more renovators find out about us, more building materials will be saved from the landfill – which means YOU will find more treasures here at the warehouse!



2)  Vote for us to win Green America’s People & Planet award, a national contest that awards $5,000 prizes to three businesses that represent an “overall green way of doing business, and also shine in their commitment to helping create green and healthy homes.”  (While you’re at it, you can vote for our friends at Amicus Green Building Center over in Kensington too – isn’t it cool that two DC-area businesses made it to the finals?!?)

PandP award logo

Voting ends in both contest by the end of February,

so please click on the links above to vote now!