Free Workshops on Bees, Edible Landscaping, and a Toddler Tour on Mother’s Day!

This spring, Community Forklift is offering a free workshop series.  So grab a friend, and come learn how to make the planet a more enjoyable place to be!


Respectful, Chemical-Free Beekeeping – APRIL 19TH, 2pm

Location: Community Forklift

Presenter: Stefano Briguglio

Organization: Azure B LLC

Price: FREE

We will provide an overview of the basic – the bees, the lingo, the equipment and the details of how to get started. You will leave the workshop with a sense of the responsibilities involved in caring for honeybees, what to expect throughout the year and a good sense of whether beekeeping is a good fit for you!

After years in the organic pet food and grocery industry, Stefano Briguglio escaped the city and bought a tiny farm in Marbury, MD with the dream of becoming a self taught farmer. Quite by accident, he developed a mutual fondness with honeybees and has cared for the ladies every since. When he is not spreading the word of the respectful, chemical free revolution in beekeeping, he is loving on his family, brewing bio-diesel or tending to one the million chores required to run even the tiniest of farms.



Here’s a fun family activity for Mother’s Day!!!!

Toddler Sensory Tour & Baby Food Gardening Workshop – May 10th, 10:30am

Location: Eco-City Farms*

Presenters: Deborah Wren & Ryan Cooper

Organization: Eco-City Farms

Contact: or

Price: FREE ($5 suggested family donation)


*Note: This workshop will be held at Eco-City Farms located just around the corner from Community Forklift at 4913 Crittenden Street, Edmonston, MD 20781

Eco-City Farms is partnering with Community Forklift this Mother’s Day weekend to provide hands-on learning for the whole family. We’ll start the day with a twenty-minute sensory tour of Eco-City Farm’s gardens, ideal for the curious toddler. After the tour, we’ll give the children a chance to make Mother’s Day cards with paint made from vegetables, while interested parents attend a Baby Food Gardening Workshop hosted by Ryan Cooper.

In this class we will discuss what veggies you can grow that can be easily turned into baby food and how to grow them in a baby friendly manner. We’ll also learn how to turn your harvest into nutritious and delicious food for your infant. The class will finish with an opportunity to taste test some homemade baby foods. No previous gardening or cooking experience is required. If you have a baby, are having a baby, or just like the consistency of beets which have been ground into a paste, this class is for you!

Instructor Ryan Cooper has over a decade of experience as a horticulturist. After becoming a father earlier this year, he decided to combine his knowledge of gardening with his desire to feed his son the very best and put together this class to help others do the same.


Edible Edens:  Landscape Design to Grow it & Eat it!  May 17th, 2pm

Location: Community Forklift

Presenter: Phyllis Pouyat Thibodeau

Organization: Master Gardeners / University of Maryland Agricultural Extension


Price: FREE


Did you know there is a movement known as Edible Landscaping? Wherever you live, you can enjoy fresh produce that you grow yourself — and it can be beautiful enough for the front yard! Learn how to combine perennial, colorful and nutritious fruits, flowers and vegetables into designs for your yard, balcony, windows or rooftop for year round abundance. It’s fun, creative, educational, cost-effective and a great way to “grow” friends as well!

Phyllis Thibodeau has been a certified Master Gardener since 2008, working on various projects throughout Maryland, including schoolyard gardens, rainscaping, and edible landscapes. She has enjoyed working with teams to support Cylburn Arboretum, City Blossoms and Druid Park Earth Day festival in Baltimore, Audubon Society at work in Silver Spring, Chesapeake Ecology Center in Annapolis, and currently with Phillips Wharf Environmental Center on Tilghman Island. Phyllis also is an educator and career consultant focused on the “Green Economy”.

She is founder and CEO of Chesapeake Career Consulting, working with various organizations, schools, professionals, leaders and students, locally and globally, with common focus on preparing “next generation leaders for a sustainable future”!