We’ve got lots of brand new stuff right now…

Hi Forklift Fans –

Many of you enjoy coming to Community Forklift for unusual vintage items and architectural salvage.  Don’t forget that we have modern items too!  We’ve recently received some nice surplus and barely-used materials that could be useful in a home, a small business, or an apartment building.  Come check them out soon because they’re likely to go quickly.


2014 - 05 - 06 surplus compressed flipped

We’ve got a ton of light fixtures, many still in the package!  These lights were originally $35-$260 each, but now they can be yours for $3 – $45 each.  There are some great wall and ceiling fixtures (note that some of the lights are ADA-compliant).  We have some of each style displayed at the front of the warehouse, but there are many more in the back –  if you need a larger number of them, just ask a Reuse Associate for help.

Wallmount lights surplus flipped

Handsome oil-rubbed brass fixtures above, and a pretty chrome sconce below!

2014 - 05 - 06 surplus sconce compressed flipped

We have many pallets of carpet tile.  It’s a nice neutral blue-gray, and is 24″ x 24″ square.  High quality, commercial grade tile like this can cost $8 – $40 per tile ($2 to $10 per square foot), but you can get it here for just $3 per tile (that’s 75 cents a square foot).

2014 - 05 - 06 stacks of carpet tile rotatedIt’s wonderful for basements, playrooms, rentals, and high-traffic areas.  Buy some extra tiles – that way, if one area gets stained, you can just swap out a few tiles, but you don’t have to replace your whole floor.

2014 - 05 - 06 blue gray floor tile

We have some wire shelving as well, at $1 – $2 per linear foot (depending on depth).  It’s a great, low-cost way to get organized.  Here’s a sample of each type:wire shelving compressed flipped

Hope to see you at the warehouse soon!