Just arrived – several hundred gallons of assorted paint

Hi Forklift Fans!  Just processed and ready for sale:  a couple hundred cans of paint (mostly interior latex), with an assortment of colors.  Most of these were “oops!” paint from a hardware store, when someone made a mistake while mixing a color or a customer changed their mind.  Then, our hardworking volunteers opened up all the cans to make sure that the paint is still good.  We’ve got lots of gallon cans for $5, and some $2 quarts and $1 pints (great for little craft projects).  

Paint usually goes very quickly – so you can call us, but our Reuse Associates probably won’t know what we have left in stock (it’s kind of like calling Goodwill during a half-price sale to ask how many shirts they have!).   So you should visit soon for the best selection.

We’re open Saturdays and Sundays 9-6 (On weekdays, we’re open 10-6.  We’re now open a little later on Wednesdays too – till 7pm!).   

2014 - 06 - 14 gaylords of paint compressed    2014 - 06 - 14 two gaylords of paint compressed

2014 - 06 - 14 each size of paint compressed