Just arrived – interesting weathered beams (strandboard)

Hi Forklift Fans –

We recently received some random strand wooden support beams. They are healthily weathered, so they are no longer suitable for structural building, but would make a lovely bench or landscaping structure.  We have a limited supply available and they are just $0.50 – $1.00 per linear foot. 

Weathered industrial items like this usually go quickly – so you can call us, but our Reuse Associates probably won’t know what we have left in stock (it’s kind of like calling Goodwill during a half-price sale to ask how many shirts they have!).   So you should visit soon for the best selection.

On weekdays, we’re open 10-6.  We’re now open a little later on Wednesdays too – till 7pm!  And we’re open Saturdays & Sundays from 9-6.   Hope to see you soon!

sideview weathered strand beams compressed

weathered strand beams compressed

weathered beams endshot compressed