Do you know a nonprofit in need of metal trash cans? (could be turned into planters!)

Old Metal Trash Cans @ Wabash compressedHi Forklift Fans –

We recently heard from a commercial property company looking to donate 2,000 gently-used office trash cans.  We don’t have space to take them all, so the company is hoping to donate to other nonprofits, schools, or community organizations who could use large amounts of them.  They are nice and sturdy, and could be repurposed creatively (perhaps as planters or stools?)

Your organization would need to pick them up from 6100 Wabash Ave, in Baltimore, MD.  To arrange for pickup, DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST.  Instead, please contact Barbara Fonseca at bfonseca(at) or 240-994-7485.  Thanks!