Sorry, Sold Out – rolls of new, high-quality carpet!

Hello Forklift Fans – Anybody need some carpet?

2014 - 08 - 07 carpet rolls colors compressedWe have just received a bunch of surplus carpet!  We have rolls in three different colors:  red, green, and off-white.  It’s very high-quality, heavy-duty commercial grade carpet, at just $0.75 per square foot. 

Most of the rolls are 12’x12′ and 12’x10′.  We have several rolls of each color on the sales floor, and will be putting out more over the next few weeks.  

There are also some smaller, narrower rolls of green carpet that might be nice for hallways (most of these are about 4’x24′).

(If you need larger sizes of carpet, please leave a message for TJ  at 301-985-5180 or TJ(at) We may receive larger rolls of this carpet in the near future) 

Here’s what you need to know:

Please remember that it’s best to come look at the carpet yourself!

These kinds of materials go very quickly, so you can call us, but our Reuse Associates may not know what we have left in stock (it’s kind of like calling Goodwill to ask how many blue shirts they have). 

We’re here today (Friday) till 6pm.  We’ll be open Saturday and Sunday 9-6.  PLEASE NOTE:  You must arrive at least 30 minutes before closing time so you have enough time to load your vehicle. 

We’re not able to do holds over the phone, and we cannot take your credit card over the phone.

So you need to come visit if you’re interested!  However, we do offer a free storage service – after you purchase your items, you have a week to find a truck, and round up friends to help you load.  2014 - 08 - 07 carpet rolls 1 compressed