“This Old Warehouse” – Q & A about our fall event with Ronnie Reuse-asaur

Ruthie, our outreach and education director, has been busy preparing for our fall activities, but she took a moment recently to speak with an old friend of hers, Ronnie Reuseasaur.

Ronnie was hearing some buzz about our big fall event, This Old Warehouse, and wanted to find out more about it.

Ronnie: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today, Ruthie. I know you’re one busy gal!

Ruthie: No problem – we’ve got so much fun stuff going on!

Ronnie: Well, tell me more. I’ve been hearing about free workshops, new partnerships, and something about live music?

Ruthie: That’s right! We are lucky to have great local musicians who like to jam in our old warehouse. Of course we couldn’t throw a party without our resident house band, the DaveMac Consort, but we’re also excited to have Bruce Hutton and Bill Mansfield join us as the Mount Rainier Ramblers.

Community Forklift’s very own Event Assistant Rebekah Ortiz might even sing a folk song or two.

Ronnie: That’s  a great line-up! I know Rebekah from a viral video I saw once, when she sang her heart out to the George Mason University admissions office. What other (locally) famous people can I meet?

Ruthie: I’m glad you asked. Former pro soccer player and artist Amir Lowery will be on-site to help you transfer photos onto tiles so you can make coasters and magnets just like his.

We’ll also have Matthew White and O.F Makarah here collecting photos and film for the Prince George’s Memory Project.

We’ll have guest appearances, lectures, and information tables from local preservation professionals Aaron MarcavitchL’Enfant Trust,Maryland Historical Trust, UMD Historic Preservation ProgramGL Barnhart Construction, and Terry Lewis (of Salvage Arts at Community Forklift).

Ronnie: Wow! Sounds like this party will be fun and super informative! Just one thing I’m still confused about–what’s the deal with bringing pictures and old film? My grandma, Rosie the Reuseasaur, has an attic filled of old film and photos. Should I bring these things?

Ruthie: Yes! Please do!  6 Hearts is a community-based organization that initiates and promotes programs that engage artists, educators, historians and activists in projects for the common good.  They are initiating The Prince George’s Memory Project: Capturing Our Memories With Home Movies and Photographs, and we’re excited to help them out.

The project is gathering up home movies and photographs from Prince George’s County to make a movie about the visual memory of Prince George’s.  This will include characters and landscapes long since lost, and will reveal the rich community that has been at the heart of this County for generations.

If you’re a visual person like me, here’s an info-graphic to show you what the process looks like:

Ronnie: Oh, that’s neat! Thanks, for all this information, Ruthie. Who should I bring with me?

Ruthie: Bring your friends and family!! There will be snacks – Zeke’s is offering coffee and Goldilock’s Goodies will have cake. We’re gonna have a great time!

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