Calling all Artisans! Sell your Wares and Work on your Craft at the Forklift

For Green Friday and Small Business Saturday (this Friday and Saturday), Community Forklift is opening its doors to the public and the local artist community for its 5th annual Green Friday and Small Business Saturday weekend of festivities. This year, we’re adding our first annual Open Studio.

We imagine every aisle, endcap, and nook in our warehouse and courtyard to be filled with artists who are willing to set up shop and work on their craft while selling their wares (which would be entirely conducted on your own). The structure and coordination of the open studio is loose, and your set-up would demand minimalism and flexibility, in order to cater to the spaces that exist in and out of our warehouse. This might mean that you need to bring hand tools and other small items that are easily operable on a card table or office desk. We have some card tables and chairs available and are happy to try and accommodate your needs.

crafting elf
We will have music, hot cider, cocoa, and coffee for our guests, as well as DIY craft projects. Santa will also be on-site periodically to take photos with artists and families. You are welcome to set up your workspace for one hour or all day long (between the hours of 9am-6pm)–it is completely up to you. Just remember that our warehouse does not have heat and it will be cold! Parkas, wool socks, and long-johns are more than appropriate.
Again this is an open invitation for all artists and craftspeople, so please invite your friends, neighbors, students, etc. We just ask that artists RSVP by Thursday, November 27th using the following link: In order to participate, you must RSVP!
We look forward to seeing your makeshift studio at Community Forklift!!