Customer Creations

Tony Smith writes, “Here are two projects completed with items from Community Forklift.”

Project 1

Tony Smith Project Before & After

Photos by Tony Smith

“The first one was a rescue operation. I found this 1960s rolling shop cart at CF for $10. I completely disassembled it, repaired the broken parts, and modified the parts to suit my needs. Missing veneer on the drawers was replaced, new drawer glades were installed, and side shelves were added for storage, along with steel pipe bars on both sides. I fabricated the top from reclaimed wood I had in my workshop. The four original casters were concealed beneath the unit allowing it to remain completely portable. It serves as a dry bar and sideboard in our dining room.


Project 2

Stove Table without Glass“Several weeks ago I purchased a vintage cast iron wood-burning stove base for $40 which I upcycled into a coffee table. I bead-blasted the exterior surface refinished in a satin black. I left the interior surface in the aged, rusted condition it was when I found it, which looks fantastic. I fit a ¾” bottom to the underside to which I mounted heavy-duty vintage casters.







Stove Table with Glass TopFor the top I took a vintage, period-correct wood portrait frame I had, resided it to fit nice on top and painted it black. I then dropped in a piece of ¼” clear tempered glass into the frame, and glazed the entire exterior in charcoal.






Stove Table Corner DetailThe interior will make a great display area for vintage collectibles. It currently serves as a coffee table on our screened porch. My wife and I love Community Forklift!”







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