Sizzling Hot Flash Sale for a Frozen Weekend!

flash sale

Baby, it’s cold outside! And we know it’s cold at the ‘Lift as well. There’s not much we can do to make your shopping experience warmer (other than our hot coffee station at the back of the store!), so we’re having a sizzling hot flash sale for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (January 9, 10, 11, 2015)! Take 30% off storewide AND 75% OFF all orange tagged furniture. (You can’t combine those.) We haven’t had a flash sale like this before, so hurry in and take advantage! (By the way, we are not able to do Holds, but we can store your item here for 7 days after purchase if you need to get some friends or a bigger ride to get it home.)

As always, this sale does not include items from Tanglewood Works, certain specialty items, items with missing or damaged price tags, items from our consignment partners (Treincarnation, Salvage Arts, Alco Appliances) or Amazon Paint. The sale may not be combined with other sales.