Tanglewood Works  and Community Forklift Team up with the Riverdale Park Farmers Market

Riverdale Park, home to the area’s most talked about Farmers Market, is doing something a little unique this winter with the help of an entire community. With a little bit of paint, love, and attention from a few good neighbors, the local year-round Riverdale Park Farmer’s Market is now being held in a formerly vacant storefront, right by the Riverdale train station. IMG_7760The “Winter Pop-Up Market” takes place every Thursday from 3-7pm, and starting Feb. 1st, the market will be host to the “Riverdale Rooster Sunday Morning Coffee House Popup”, every Sunday from 9-2pm.

In order to transform the empty storefront into a vibrant and cozy neighborhood hotspot, Tanglewood Works coordinated with local volunteers to furnish the entire space with their funky upcycled furniture, and Community Forklift provided the paint that the Neighborhood Design Center used to beautify the walls with colorful murals.

“We are proud to be a part of transforming an unused space into a community gathering spot filled with organic produce, live music, hot prepared foods and most importantly, friends and neighbors.”, says Sue of Tanglewood Works.