There’s a Water Main Break, but We’re Still Open! And We’re Having a 25% Off Sale!


There was a water main break on Tanglewood last night. They are working on repairing it today, but we will be OPEN FOR BUSINESS! We know that nothing will stop our intrepid Forklift Fans!

Some things to know:

  • We’re having a 25% off STOREWIDE sale!! (See restrictions listed below.)
  • If you’re coming via Baltimore Avenue, Tanglewood is closed at the railroad tracks. Please follow the EASY detour below, OR come via Kenilworth Avenue (turn at Buchanan which ends at Tanglewood.)
  • Call us at 301-985-5180 if you get lost and we’ll guide you here.
  • Right now, there are ROAD CLOSED AHEAD signs on Buchanan. You CAN go past those and get to the Forklift.
  • The street is muddy, so it’s a good idea to wear boots.
  • We don’t have water in the building, so our Customer Restroom is out of order, but we do have a port-a-potty.


Map for Road Closing Detour

Thanks for supporting us! And don’t worry – we have hot coffee for you!

*Sale restrictions: As always, this sale does not include items from Tanglewood Works, certain specialty items, items with missing or damaged price tags, items from our consignment partners (Treincarnation, Salvage Arts, Alco Appliances) or Amazon Paint. The sale may not be combined with other sales.