Last day to get your snazzy tee!

Community Forklift is surrounded and supported by you–our nation’s trendsetters, thought leaders, and activists in the reuse movement.
But in a place like Washington, DC, it’s easy for messages to get lost in the noise. If only there was a soap box on every corner!

We have a plan!
We’ve designed a real conversation starter: a funky tee that’ll seamlessly guide you into talking about Community Forklift and ultimately, the reason why you support us, the belief that reuse helps create a better environment and better community. Find more talking points here:
These $20 limited edition tees will only be available online now through March 30, 2015.
If you don’t like the color or design, no problem! We’ll be featuring a different color and design periodically throughout the year.
If you have your own design idea, submit it to our to Outreach team, and we might use it in one of upcoming campaigns.
Have enough tee-shirts already?
Clean out your drawers and find out ways to re-purpose them